What is the flow for spare part to release stock?

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What is the flow for spare part to release stock?

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The flow of stock out will take only a few processes to be released. There will be 4 statuses to be used in spare part out which are:

    1. Verify
    2. Release
    3. Receive
    4. Close 
    5. Rejected

Firstly, requesters need to request the spare part to be used either for PM or CM. The status of the “Request Status” will be “Verify” once the spare part is successfully requested. Proceed to this tutorial to learn how to request for spare part out: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-request-stock-out/

Then, the appointed person (e.g., Engineer/Head of Department) needs to “Verify” the spare part to be released after checking the requested part out of details.

Once verified, appointed users (e.g., Stock Keeper) need to release the stock out for the requester to pick up the spare part. After releasing the stock in the system, the system will auto deduct the stock quantity based on the requested stock out.

Next, after the requester picks up the spare part, the requester needs to click “Receive” in the system to record that the requester has received the spare part.

After that, the status of the spare part will be “Closed” which means the process has ended.

“Rejected” status is when during “Verify”, the stock is rejected.

Notification will be sent to appointed users via Telegram

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