What is the flow for CM work order?

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What is the flow for CM work order?

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The flow of corrective maintenance work order is fairly easy. Basically, there will be 5 statuses from start to end namely:
  1. Attend
  2. Action
  3. Verify
  4. Confirm
  5. Acknowledged

The first step when a user opens a new corrective work order or report breakdown, the status will be “Open”. To open a new work order, refer to this tutorial: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-open-new-cm-work-order/

Then, workers need to attend the work order to change the “Open” status to “Action” status. (Attend is where the worker goes to the breakdown asset/site to monitor or check the breakdown. Compare the breakdown report with actual breakdown). To “attend” the breakdown asset, simply refer to this tutorial: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-attend-cm-work/

After that, the “Action” status is for the workers (e.g., Technician) to repair the breakdown. This is where all the repairing works details to be recorded. To perform the repairing work, refer this tutorial: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-perform-work-order-for-cm/

Right after the “Action” has been done, the status will change to “Verify”. “Verify” is for a user (e.g., Engineer) to check as well as verify the report and work that has been done by the worker. Verification tutorial as follows: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-verify-cm/

After the work order has been verified, the status will change to “Confirm” which is basically the same process as “Verify” but it is for upper management to check (e.g., Head of Department/Facility Manager). Head to this tutorial to learn how to “Confirm” work order: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-confirm-cm/

The work order will be closed after it is confirmed. The status will change from “Confirm” to “Acknowledged”.

Notification will be sent to appointed users via Telegram.

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