The use of the QR code

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The use of the QR code

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QR code for assets

Normally, when users want to know the status or the details of the asset, they will need to sign in to the system and find the asset in the list. However, by this QR code feature, users can simply scan the QR code and will be redirected to the asset’s page.

One of the thing that users can take advantage of this feature is by print out the QR code and put it on the asset itself or anywhere based on their preferences and just scan the QR code.

To maximize the benefit of this feature, tick “Keep me logged in” so that when users scan the QR code, it will be straight away redirected to the page without having to sign in again.

To generate the QR code, follow this tutorial:

How to generate QR code for asset?

QR code for reports

Each work order and report also has their own generated QR code. Users can simply scan the QR code to check the validity of the report. Once scanned, users will be redirected to the scanned report.

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