How to register your Telegram ID into the system?

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How to register your Telegram ID into the system?

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Users need to register their Telegram ID into the system in order to receive any notification from the system via the Telegram application.

  1. Install the Telegram application (App Store/Google store) into your mobile device.
  2. Login into the Telegram application installed earlier.
  3. Search and click for given BOT* in the search button
  4. Click the “Start” button. Type your full name.
  5. If the name typed is matched as in the system record, your Telegram ID will automatically be inserted into the system for your account.
  6. If not, inform system admin that you have done all the steps above for them to add your Telegram ID manually into the system at the “Administration” module. Admin will need to register your Telegram ID into the yCloudx system by the following steps –
  7. And you are good to go! The next time there is a notification related to you, it will instantly notify you via the Telegram application.

*BOT is a bot that is assigned to your company. Contact our support to know and get your own BOT. Alternatively, you can log in to the yCloudx’s system and proceed to the “Telegram” tab. The name of the BOT is written on the said page. The BOT shall look similar to this: yoursite_yCloudx or  yoursite_yCloudx_Bot

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