How to perform work order for CM?

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How to perform work order for CM?

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Proceed to Corrective > List > Action > Click the “Action” button

  1. Fill out the form after doing the work
  2. “Start” is the start of the repair time and “End” is the end of the repair time respectively. The start and end time also can be manually entered in the box given.
  3. “Category” will be listed as created in Setting > Corrective
  4. “Action” is a description of the work being done to fix the breakdown
  5. “Consumable”  is the list of consumables been used to perform the work
  6. “Remarks” is for any extra note for the work that been carried out
  7. “Select Worker List” is to select the list of workers involved in the work
  8. “Spare Part” is list of the spare part will be displayed directly from the spare part record list from the system.
  9. “Add Signature” is to add the signature of the workers
  10. “Picture After” is for the image of the asset that has been repaired
  11. “Attachment Upload” is to attach any attachment for the work
  12. There will be 4 types of action can be done which is:
    a) “Save as Draft”: to save any keyed text to continue key in later
    b) “On Hold”: to change the action’s status to on hold (ex. waiting for parts).
    c) “In Progress”: to change the action’s status to be in-progress.
    d) “Completed”: complete the work and report


  • The action’s status will change to “In-Progress”once the start timer is clicked
  • Put any description in the remarks textbox if it is on hold so that others know why the work order is on hold
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