How to open new CM work order?

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How to open new CM work order?

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There are 2 methods to add new CM Report:
  • Corrective > Create Work Order
  • Corrective > Insert Work Order

Create Work Order is to open a new corrective maintenance work order (Status: ‘Open’)

  1. Fill in the form to report new asset breakdown
  2. For breakdown date, user can choose the date or just simply tick the current time box
  3. “Category” will be listed as created in Setting > Corrective
  4. “Assign To” is to choose which user shall receive this work order notification via Telegram
  5. User can insert an image, video and attachment as a proof of the breakdown asset

Insert Work order is used to record a corrective maintenance work order that is already completed and requires no further action. It is then documented in the system as a report

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