How to Lodge a Complain using QR Code?

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How to Lodge a Complain using QR Code?

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  1. Open mobile phone or tablet camera application
  2. Scan the QR code which has been placed on the asset
  3. If the complainer does not have an account, a form detailing the information of the complainer and a description of the defective need to be filled in to request a work order
  4. The work order request then needs to be approved by PIC inside the system before the work order can be issued and executed
  5. For the complainer that has an account in the system, they can skip the step to fill in the information of themselves, as their information has been recorded by simply login into the system after scanning the QR code. They can directly describe the defects to open the work order
  6. After the work order has been issued, the supervisor must attend the defective site to monitor the reported asset’s condition and compare the reported images/videos sent with the actual defect. The “Attend” part also for the supervisor to decide to assign the job to relevant technicians and to take pictures before start rectifying the defect
  7. After being assigned, the technician can start doing the repairing works and insert the information such as the images/videos, action taken, worker list, spare part used, duration, signature, and any other relevant information to rectify the work order for that work order
  8. After the job has been done, the supervisor will verify all the information keyed in by adding their digital signature as approval. The same goes for the next step, for the client/manager to check and confirm before the work order is closed
  9. If the work order has been rejected during the “Verify” and “Confirm” status, the technician to redo the work and submit for another approval

For more details on how to lodge the complaint for the issuer with an account, please proceed to this link:

As on how to lodge the complaint for the issuer with no account, please refer to this link:

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