How to import asset list from Excel?

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  1. Head to Assets > Asset List
  2. Click the “Export Asset” button to export the Excel format of the system
  3. Insert the assets details following the format given inside the exported excel file and do not delete or remove any of the columns. Leave it blank if there is no info for the column
  4. Title column marks as “*” must be filled in and the title column mark as “**”  must be unique between each row.
  5. Save and import the asset list into the system at Assets > Asset List > (Choose File) > “Replace or Update Asset List”
  6. “Replace Asset List” is to replace the whole list which the old list will be deleted and follows the new list imported
  7. “Update Asset List” is to update the asset list without deleting the old asset list. It will check the current asset list in the system and compare it with the new asset list. The new asset will be added and the old asset will be updated if any changes have been made.

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