How to create a custom schedule for PM?

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How to create a custom schedule for PM?

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By default, users can create a preventive maintenance schedule for daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly works.

If users need to create other types of schedule or what we called as a custom schedule,
it can be created at Asset > Asset List > (Asset Name) > Schedule > New Custom

  1. “Schedule Name” is for the name of the schedule. “Space” is not allowed in this area
  2. “Select type” can be chosen as Day, Week, Month, or Year.
  3. Leave the “Last maintenance” blank if the current schedule for the asset is used for the first time
  4. “Next maintenance” is the date for the schedule for the asset to be started
  5. Fill out the checklist for the Preventive Maintenance works or choose the checklist template as desired


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