How to add new user?

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How to add new user?

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  1. Proceed to Administration > Add New Staff
  2. The text fields that need to be filled are ‘Name’, ‘Nickname’, ‘NRIC’, ‘User ID’, ‘Site’, ‘Department’, and ‘Position’
  3. ‘Nickname’ must be unique from others
  4. For ‘Site’, ‘Department’ and ‘Position’, options will be listed as created in Setting > Administration. It also can be added directly in the box which will be added automatically in Setting > Administration for future usage
  5. ‘Telegram’ is where the Telegram ID for the user to receive the notifications
  6. ‘Email’ is the email address for the user to receive the notifications
  7. The staff ‘Certificate/License’ also can be added for the record and will notify once the expiry date is coming by

*Temporary username and password will be generated once a new user is added. The temporary username and password are as follows:

  1. The “Username” will be the same as “Nickname”
  2. Password will be a nickname plus with 4 digits behind from “NRIC”
  3. Say the “Nickname” is Ali and the “NRIC” is 123456-78-9012
  4. The temporary username will be Ali
  5. The temporary password will be Ali9012

*Users may change their password in the system.

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