Getting Started

 Initial measures for users after been added into the system: For ALL USERS: Change the given temporary password. The tutorial for changing the password is: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-your-password/ Update your current information in the “Profile” tab Register your Telegram ID in the system. To register, follow this tutorial: https://ycloudx.com/knowledge-base/how-to-register-your-telegram-id-into-the-system/ Head to “Notification” tab to see if there is […]

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How to make PM auto-generated?

Proceed to Asset > Asset List > (Asset Name) > Schedule > Edit Choose which type of maintenance schedule to be auto-generate whether daily, weekly, monthly, two-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or custom schedule*. “Last Maintenance” is the date for the previous maintenance of that type of schedule. Leave it blank if the work is for

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How to change profile picture?

To add or change profile picture: Click “Avatar” icon on the page OR click the “user” icon and “Profile” on top-right of the page to redirect to user info page Click “Upload Profile Picture” button to take a picture or select existing picture Submit by click “Done” button after successfully uploaded an image To remove

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How to add new user?

Proceed to Administration > Add New Staff The text fields that need to be filled are ‘Name’, ‘Nickname’, ‘NRIC’, ‘User ID’, ‘Site’, ‘Department’, and ‘Position’ ‘Nickname’ must be unique from others For ‘Site’, ‘Department’ and ‘Position’, options will be listed as created in Setting > Administration. It also can be added directly in the box which will be added

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