Testing the Telegram ID

Before inserting the user Telegram ID into the system, system admin can send a message to confirm the user of the Telegram ID Copy the user “ID” captured. Click “Or Fill in ID Manually” Paste the user “ID” in the “Fill in ID Manually” box Fill in some testing message in the “Enter your […]

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The use of the QR code

QR code for assets Normally, when users want to know the status or the details of the asset, they will need to sign in to the system and find the asset in the list. However, by this QR code feature, users can simply scan the QR code and will be redirected to the asset’s page.

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Add bulk of PM schedule

You can create the preventive schedule for each asset by following this tutorial: How to make PM auto-generated? However, you can just create the schedule for numbers of assets if they have the same work description. It can be added all in once based on the section. To learn how to do this, proceed to

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Insert asset list

You can add an asset to the system by following this tutorial: Unfortunately, you only can add an asset one by one which is time-consuming if you have a lot of assets to be added into the system. For that reason, yCloudx provides another function for you to simply add an asset list from Microsoft

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