Internet of Things (IoT)

 yCloudx CMMS enormously supports and eases the integration of IoT at a facility, the ultimate tool to raise the standards of your maintenance operation. Tracking equipment data in real time using sensors will get you insights into the physical assets that were previously unheard of. The flexibility of yCloudx makes it adaptable to any IoT solution.

Implementing IoT with yCloudx PROMISES your maintenance:

  1. Productivity Improvements
  2. Predictive Analysis
  3. Rapid Response
  4. Reduction of Human Errors

Choose Sensors

Connect Sensors

Create Breakdown Alerts

Track and Monitor

Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Monitoring System

yCloudx introduces the cloud based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) that uses IoT sensors to measure temperature, humidity and pressure.

  • Sensors generate real time data that transmitted via Internet into yCloudx’s cloud-based system.
  • Capture real time data for condition monitoring through which alerts can be viewed directly via yCloudx dashboard.

This process creates game-changing opportunities.  Interventions can be made based on maintenance analytics and basically fix a piece of equipment or a part before it breaks. Even if an unexpected break down occurs, maintenance team will be informed immediately . A perfect solution for any facilities.

And Many More to Come...

Connect Your Business With Technology, We Make IoT Happen

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