Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much every industry can benefit from using a CMMS, ERP, and IoT Software. Since every industry requires work to be done, both on an occasion basis and on a repeating basis, a well-functioning CMMS, ERP and IoT system can only help in organizing those individuals who are responsible for managing those tasks.

Absolutely, because yCloudx is fully scalable, it works well for small organizations with one maintenance person or with large multi-location organizations with many maintenance employees at different levels.

When you use web-based software you don’t have to worry about anything technical, you just work. We handle security, up-time monitoring, backups, software upgrades and much more which includes customer support in your subscription so you can contact us anytime if you have any issues.

Our team consistently update the system but there is no extra cost involved. Your organization will get the updated version of yCloudx and pay as agreed to the original subscription.

No. The monthly or annual price you are quoted for your organization is all you will have to pay to continue using yCloudx.

yCloudx is a monthly or yearly subscription service. yCloudx offers 3 different packages: Basic, Business and Customized. Each package offers different price in terms of number of users, size of storage, and additional extra features (optional).

Yes, we do provide optional services with an additional cost

  • Training
    yCloudx offers full comprehensive on-boarding training for you and your entire team which covers end-user and administrator training.
  • Data porting and migration into the system
    We offer service to assist you to import or migrate your data into the yCloudx system.
  • Add system storage
    We offer service to add additional storage to your current storage as per your request
  • Add extra ERP or IoT modules

Absolutely not. yCloudx works perfectly with every major web browser in the world. Runs smoothly on any PC, MAC, iOS/Android Smartphone or tablet.

yCloudx was created for the web, on the web. There are no installations or downloads needed to work with yCloudx, and you can access your information from any web connected device.

Whatever the mix of equipment, people and energy use, yCloudx helps your business success by keeping assets working as much as possible with minimal downtime using properly scheduled maintenance procedures.

yCloudx’s workflow is fluid. A work order is time stamped with a generation date and all other statuses through its lifecycle. A full history of every work orders occurrence is always available within each work orders.

yCloudx also offers ERP and IoT system solutions for your business. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning which aims to increase productivity of companies and manage costs. IoT (Internet of Things) helps in monitoring and control devices from the system to increase efficiency. yCloudx offers organizations to better manage their business in one system including:


  • Leave management system
  • Claim management
  • Licensing and certificate
  • Document management system
  • Payment Order System (Quotation, PO, Invoice)
  • Finance Phase 1


  • Temperature, Humidity and Pressure monitoring system

Aside from the above the features, yCloudx is constantly growing and improving to become a complete CMMS, ERP, and IoT system.

The information that you enter inside of your yCloudx account is your property and you can export it from the software anytime. Our side only provide the software as a medium for the information to be recorded and analyzed easily. In simple words, our clients rent the software from us, but the data is 100% owned by clients. We make sure it is safe and backed up regularly for you.

The security of your data is important to us. We practice the best measures to ensure the data is securely protected such as systematic programming, using the up-to-date technology/software/hardware, SSL (lock green bar) – to encrypt every transmitted data, security enhancement in all aspects (coding, server and etc.), anti-malware/firewall, top server specifications and etc.

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