Frequently Asked Questions

yCloudx is used by clients across various industries, including facility maintenance, building maintenance, manufacturing factories, HVAC factories, housekeeping, medical equipment, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, hotels, oil and gas, civil maintenance, ACMV maintenance, malls, exhibitions, heavy machinery, and more. However, yCloudx is a versatile software designed to benefit all industries that require maintenance and task management. It helps individuals responsible for maintenance in various sectors to organize and streamline their tasks.

yCloudx is a comprehensive software with a user-friendly interface and local support. With yCloudx, you can focus on your work without worrying about technical aspects. We handle security, uptime monitoring, backups, software upgrades, and provide customer support as part of your subscription.

Yes, yCloudx is fully scalable and caters to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses with a single maintenance person to large multi-location organizations with numerous maintenance employees at different levels.

yCloudx periodically updates its features and software to provide the best experience for our clients. No, there are no additional costs involved in receiving updated versions of yCloudx. Your organization will receive updates as part of the original subscription agreement.

We prioritize the security of your data and employ various measures to ensure its protection, including the use of the latest technology, SSL encryption, and regular backups. Additionally, we host the system and your data in highly secured certified data centers.

The data entered into your yCloudx account belongs to you. You have full ownership of your data, and you can export it from the software at any time. yCloudx provides the software as a platform for recording and analyzing data.

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