Leave Management

Manage and approve employee leave applications. All records of employee historical leave and leave entitlements are accessible.

  • Enable staffs to apply leave, check leave entitlements & balances, leave records and leave application status directly from yCloudx system anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • There will be notification for each new leave application automatically, as well as leave approval status by their respective approvers (managers).
  • Employees will be able to attach supporting proof for each leave application, which also greatly cut down paperwork process.

Licensing and certificate

Proactively monitor the expiration and validity of your company’s licenses and certificates.

  • Keep record of all your certification and licensing information including your scanned documents.
  • Send reminders before certifications and licenses expire.
  • Add instructions on the requirements of how to renew or apply certifications and licenses for your company.

Document Management

Using yCloudx is a great way to improve and manage your company’s communications and documents efficiently by leaving behind those outdated filing papers and moving on to our paperless online system.

  • Allows efficient management of employee files and company’s documents
  • Management, processes and protection of employee and critical company data is made easy.

Quotation, PO and Invoice

Payment order system that allows your company to issue or approve Quotation/PO/Invoice seamlessly using an online system with an attached digital signature.

  • Reduce time-lapse for approval which leads to productivity increased.
  • QR code generated to increase security for each payment issued.
  • Track all the payment history in one-click.

Claim Management

yCloudx gives your organization an effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.

  • Eliminate manual and paperwork by sending online claim requests. Cost of paper waste minimized.
  • All claims requests are automatically directed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve or reject with a click of a button.
  • Track, monitor and evaluate employee claims by identifying claims pending, approved, rejected and total claimed amount by employees at any in time.
  • Receive real-time snapshots of employees’ claims application status by enabling instant claims updates and reports for all levels of staff.


Improve the internal business processes and overall business performance which leads to reduce expenses of a company in a long run

Importance of ERP system in a Company
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