Customer Stories with yCloudx

Customer Stories with yCloudx

The Future of Asset Management

With the exceptional capabilities of yCloudx software, our valued customers have achieved remarkable enhancements in maintenance operation efficiency, effectively reducing their maintenance costs and minimizing downtime. We have collaborated closely with several of our clients, conducting comprehensive case studies to delve into the transformative impact of yCloudx on their maintenance operations. These case studies have provided invaluable insights into how yCloudx aligns seamlessly with the specific needs of our clients’ operations.

Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated through these real-world success stories, showcasing the tangible results our clients have experienced with yCloudx. Through these in-depth case studies, we highlight the diverse ways in which yCloudx contributes to operational success, resulting in improved productivity, cost savings, and minimized downtime.

Explore these compelling case studies to discover how yCloudx can be tailored to meet the unique challenges of your industry. Witness firsthand the significant advantages our clients have gained through the utilization of our software. At yCloudx, we are committed to providing a solution that not only streamlines maintenance operations but also maximizes your potential for success.

How Sime Darby Plantation Enhanced Their Quality Plan with yCloudx

Sime Darby Plantation HQ in Ara Damansara is a 520,000 square feet 5 blocks office building that incorporates indoor landscaping, water elements combined with roof-mounted photo-voltaic panels. Its business involved in the manufacturing and distribution of oils and fats products and palm oil-based biodiesel, as well as fast moving consumer goods. It is among the most energy efficient building in Malaysia striving to achieve Sime Darby’s vision for sustainable development.

The Challenge
Before they used yCloudx, SDP faced multiple maintenance management challenges. Because they used Microsoft Excel to track their maintenance activities, their recordkeeping lacked the automation needed for effective preventive maintenance scheduling. Using spreadsheets also made it nearly impossible to coordinate information across multiple facilities. Additionally, their external auditors had to cross-reference several documents when reviewing the company’s quality plan, making the process more time consuming than at similar facilities.

Another challenge SDP faced was coordinating preventive maintenance tasks with the parts they had available in their inventory. Their part counts were not adjusted automatically, leading to uncertainty of part availability when performing maintenance jobs. If the part they needed was out of stock, technicians had to reschedule the work, which lead to longer machine downtime. Finally, exact labor costs for repairs were not tracked automatically, leading to only rough estimates being relayed to upper management. This caused uncertainty among maintenance managers and executives when allocating funds for the company’s yearly maintenance budget.

The Solution
SDP is now using yCloudx to implement a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, which is now part of their quality plan. The yCloudx Preventive Maintenance (PM) module allows the maintenance team to track everything from preventive maintenance work order status and completion times to labor costs and resources, tools used for each job and more. Maintenance managers use the Scheduling module to set specific job reminders and reschedule jobs quickly as needed.

The Inventory module in yCloudx ensures part counts are automatically adjusted upon completion of work orders. SDP’s maintenance team is able to see whether or not a part is available and schedule jobs accordingly, reducing downtime. They can store several details on each part, including vendor contact information, all in one place.

With the way each module in yCloudx correlates with each other, the maintenance department is able to show upper management reports on exact labor costs for all repairs, justifying their budget needs. For example, when technicians specify that a part was used for a job on a work order form, it is automatically subtracted from the inventory counts, and the cost of a replacement part is added to the total repair costs. This information can then be displayed in multiple reports.

The Results
With yCloudx, SDP continues to reap the benefits of improvements in their maintenance management operations. The entire department uses the software daily, thanks in part to the online training provided for yCloudx. Following this training, they were able to use yCloudx CMMS to improve their process efficiency and productivity while increasing their adherence to their quality plan.

The maintenance department is confident in the preventive maintenance program they now have in place. External auditors have noticed a difference in the efficiency of their process when they come on site. Instead of having to read multiple spreadsheets and other documents, auditors can see one compiled report about SDP’s quality plan derived from yCloudx.

SDP has also been able to facilitate better, more efficient scheduling with the features available within yCloudx. Overall, their repair costs have gone down and they have been able to more closely monitor their inventory.

“I am amazed by the seamless transition of yCloudx into our maintenance operations. We manage to complete more work requests and get things done more efficiently. A huge step for my team comparing from previously we had to manually using paper and Excel spreadsheet.”
– Tajuddin, Facility Manager at Sime Darby Plantation HQ

How yCloudx Helps PPB Group with Asset Tagging / Identification

The PPB Group Property Division has built a sterling reputation for crafting high value, thoughtfully designed residential, retail and commercial spaces over the years. PPB ventured into the property sector in 1982 with the acquisition of 100% interest in Tai Yan Realty Sdn Bhd, now known as PPB Hartabina Sdn Bhd (“PPBH”). PPBH was the developer of the residential, commercial, and retail properties in Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Its landmark properties include Cheras Leisure Mall, Cheras Plaza and Masera Bukit Segar, Cheras a guarded residential community housing 38 high-end bungalows.

The Challenge
PPB knew they needed a serious asset identification and management system in order to track maintenance costs and implement a preventive maintenance solution using automatic data capture. However, with no common asset naming or numbering system, they knew identifying its equipment assets was no easy feat.

Establishing a tagging solution including asset serialization and equipment descriptions with locations on the tags would not only allow for easier asset identification but would also allow the storage and distribution network to utilize preventive maintenance and cost tracking programs within the yCloudx system.

The Solution and Results
PPB came to yCloudx for its durable QR code labels and customized asset management services. The company tasked yCloudx team to help develop a common data and naming/numbering system, identify and recover assets, review each asset to determine the proper label type, produce durable QR code labels and install the labels on corresponding assets in an accurate and consistent manner. Each label was scanned and validated during the installation process to ensure accuracy.

yCloudx began by assisting the company with a naming/numbering system. With direction from one of the company’s operators, yCloudx team members came onsite and, via a walk down and assessed more than 3000 assets assign descriptions to each piece of equipment. Once the naming/numbering system was established, the company reviewed and approved each description thus allowing maintenance work to run smoothly on iPads and other mobile equipment to scan the QR code and all corresponding information will be right there and be tracked in yCloudx.

“Everybody was extremely easy to work with and very responsive. The program seemed to run itself. I was confident the yCloudx team out in the field knew what they were doing and followed all safety requirements. Overall, we were extremely happy with the product and services. Now every asset has a visible number and corresponds with yCloudx.”
– Matthew, Manager for PPB Group Berhad’s Cheras Leisure Mall

Cloud-Based IT Assets Management for TNB Subang

The TNB branch in Subang Jaya is a 105,282 square feet office building that involve in the business of marketing and selling electricity across Malaysia, provides customer counter services, collects revenues, operates call management centers, provides supply restoration services, and develop strong customer and government relationships.

The Challenge
TNB Subang learned the value of cloud hosting early on and looked to move as many processes as possible to the cloud. Maintaining on-premises data software was proving to be difficult and expensive. Furthermore, the company’s asset tracking used a collection of apps that were not compatible with each other. The company wanted a comprehensive, cloud-based solution.

Before switching to yCloudx, TNB used various on-site software and spreadsheets, but found the incompatibility problematic. They also needed to stay on top of data security, implement QR codes and have a solution that was integrated into a help desk solution.

The Solution
yCloudx answered TNB Subang’s needs. It is cloud-based, with great asset management capabilities, including QR code support. What’s more, yCloudx was found to be competitively priced.

TNB Subang found yCloudx to be easy to use and does not require installation. They also found the product documentation to be informative and helpful. Because it is cloud-based, the company did not have to worry about maintaining the software or servers on-site and was able to implement yCloudx throughout the company easily.

yCloudx fit in perfectly with TNB Subang’s transition to cloud-based services and away from on-site data center storage.

The Results
The company particularly liked being able to perform asset verification with a QR code scanner, a process that can take asset management from being a time-intensive work with inaccuracy to a quick, convenient, accurate process.

yCloudx gave TNB Subang the tools they needed to stay up-to-the-minute. It also allowed them to efficiently keeping track of company assets faster using yCloudx’s asset management capabilities and QR code scanning.

“yCloudx support team has always responded pleasantly and quickly. In most cases the process was so good we did not require human support and we truly enjoy the cloud features compared to on-site”
– Farida, Electrical Engineer at TNB Subang Jaya

Revolutionizing Operations: Top Mech's Journey with yCloudx

Top Mech Provincial Sdn Bhd, a renowned global material handling company with over a century of experience boasts a rich history of producing and supplying a wide range of heavy machinery and material handling equipment, including goodhoists, aerial work platforms, gantry cranes, banner winches, jib cranes, monorail cranes, underhung cranes, and overhead traveling cranes.

The Challenge
Before adopting yCloudx, Top Mech faced significant operational challenges. Their primary issues included the loss of work orders and the extensive use of hardcopy documentation. The large number of assets in their inventory made it cumbersome to locate specific information when needed. This reliance on hardcopy records not only consumed valuable time but also posed a significant risk as it increased the likelihood of missing or misplacing crucial documents, potentially impacting their ability to meet client expectations.

The Solution
Upon implementing yCloudx, Top Mech found a powerful and user-friendly solution that simplified their daily operations. The system’s interface was intuitive, akin to filling out a Google survey form. In addition to its ease of use, the cost-effectiveness of yCloudx made it a viable choice for the company. The software’s search and filter features enabled Top Mech to swiftly retrieve the information they required, and it ensured that all data was systematically recorded within the system. This eliminated the concerns about losing paper records and critical information.

The Results
The adoption of yCloudx brought about a series of remarkable improvements in Top Mech’s operations. Firstly, it significantly enhanced productivity, with daily activities becoming up to 80% more efficient in various areas. This remarkable boost in productivity was achieved through yCloudx’s innovative manhours feature, which made workers more conscious of their work hours, reduced idle time, and motivated them to work efficiently to improve their performance evaluations.

Another substantial improvement was in the area of document traceability. The system’s intuitive interface allowed easy searching and access to reports with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for constant consultation with the Person-in-Charge (PIC) or the laborious sifting through hardcopy records. This enhancement in document traceability streamlined the process of retrieving critical information, saving valuable time and effort.

Top Mech successfully transitioned from a predominantly hardcopy-based system to a 100% softcopy environment, marking a significant shift in their operations. This transition not only improved data management but also enhanced accessibility and security, ensuring that their critical information was stored more efficiently and protected.

Efficient work order and asset management were also notable achievements with yCloudx. The system provided a comprehensive list of assets with detailed information, along with a calendar view for work orders. This feature streamlined their asset management processes and scheduling, contributing to more organized and efficient operations.

Furthermore, yCloudx played a vital role during periods of transition and change management within Top Mech. Its user-friendliness made it easy for new employees to learn and operate the software, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and minimizing disruptions during changes in the organization.

“yCloudx has proven to be an invaluable asset in our daily operations, consistently meeting our requirements and surpassing our expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend yCloudx to companies managing a substantial volume of work orders and assets.”
– Azlie, Manager at Top Mech Provincial Sdn Bhd

A study published found that CMMS implementation can lead to a reduction in downtime of up to 50%.

A study found that organizations can increase maintenance productivity by up to 20% by using a CMMS.

A study published found that CMMS implementation can lead to a reduction in maintenance costs of up to 15%.

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