Preventive Maintenance

Decrease downtime and reduce repairs with yCloudx’s PM. Scheduled PM maximizes the longevity of your equipment and assets.

  • Save man hours and improve prioritization of work through monitoring of equipment and assets by basing off of their PM cycle counts.
  • Monitor manufacturer’s specifications to make better decisions about how and when PMs are performed. Generate work orders, providing task instructions, estimated materials and critical documentation.
  • Keep updated with the status of PM work and your team’s assignments.
  • Never fell behind schedule with system – generated notification when a new PM is coming due.

Create checklists for facility walkthroughs, equipment inspections, and other PM tasks. Then apply them to any work order.

  • Create template form for work descriptions and will automatically appear without having to add them one at a time.
  • Technicians able to give feedback to selected work checklist.


Anyone of your staff can submit work requests to improve corrective and preventive maintenance workflows and response times. Work orders updated on site in real time by utilizing yCloudx’s start/stop clock functionality to log time.

  • Save time by not having to go back to your office to find a computer. Close out a work order on location, using your mobile device, and move on to the next.
  • Record time and materials from the field. Add pictures to work orders. Information will be uploaded to the cloud for quick and easy recall, whenever you need it.
  • Improve utilization of your assets. yCloudx enables your office to be notified as soon as repairs are completed. New assignments can be created and received instantly.

Asset Management

Collect and store asset details in one place. Get a better perspective of asset and operational performance.

  • Improve uptime and efficiency as well as safety by having quick access to asset specifications, manuals and product information.
  • The search and filter options allow you to quickly find an asset and view its maintenance history, work progress, inventory information, upcoming preventive work and more.
asset detail

Spare Part Management

yCloudx allows you to easily manage and maintain sufficient quantities of parts and supplies as it frequently changes hands and locations.

  • When a part is used for a work order and that work order is closed, the inventory count is automatically updated.
  • Provide a central database of equipment with details of their manufacturer, location and status information.
  • Maintain stock of essential supplies by assigning a minimum quantity value to every part and get notified when that value is reached.
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