Preventive Maintenance

yCloudx maintenance software lets you define an unlimited number of calendar based PM tasks for each asset and automatically generate PM tasks based on time (days, weeks or months) and from the readings (meter) that provides an easy, streamlined method for conducting inspection rounds quickly and accurately.

  • Auto-trigger a PM work order
  • Access a view of current and future PM activities 
  • Notifications to be sent to the assigned technician when a PM is generated
  • Capture the real-time start and stop times of the inspection, view the inspection instructions and indicate the inspection is a pass or fail
  • Generate corrective work order when equipment fails inspection
  • Generate QR codes for each asset for technicians to scan on mobile device

Corrective Maintenance

No more phone calls or missing paperwork with yCloudx that makes it easy to work the way you want to work by putting your mind at ease when it comes to managing, organizing and prioritizing work requests. Equip your teams to respond to requests efficiently.

  • View a report, dashboard or list-view of all open work orders
  • Sign off on work orders with a digital signature.
  • Establish custom workflow processes for submitting, approving, rejecting and completing work requests.
  • Submit work requests anytime, anywhere including pictures uploaded
  • Reduce paperwork waste
  • Record the real-time repair duration with start and stop functions
  • Capture response and breakdown time
  • Able to set Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure high standards of operational administration

Asset Management

Successfully managing assets all comes down to tracking. Effectively tracking maintenance history on assets, you will  have the power to make data-driven decisions and reduce failures. 

  • Store asset nameplate information and create barcode labels for all asset to be accessed quickly and seamlessly
  • Generate calendar based PM for each asset to ensure all planned maintenance is being performed on time and correctly.
  • Put detailed documentation of work performed on each asset with attached pictures, documents & links
  • View all work history, failures and warranty information related to each asset to easily make budgeting decisions
asset detail

Spare Part Management

yCloudx spare part management makes it easy for organizations to track parts across work sites and improve inventory accuracy. Keeping track of parts and ensuring their availability can be a challenge without a proper system in place.

  • Access all parts information in a list view, including location, on-hand amount, unit cost and item number.  Images of parts attached for easy identification
  • Relate parts to assets and PMs to automatically let technicians know which parts are used to repair an asset or perform a PM task.
  • Use QR codes to scan and view part records instantly on mobile device
  • Required to submit parts request for approval before part is charged out

Meter Reading

Suitable to be used for monitoring equipment reading and automatically generate preventive work order once specific threshold is reached

  • Set desire frequency to capture the asset’s meter reading
  • Assign to relevant user to capture the meter reading
  • Create trigger condition to generate preventive work order automatically once the trigger condition is met
  • Generate checklist of preventive maintenance together once pass the threshold set
  • View all meter reading history by figures and charts and able to do the condition-based-PM

Project Management

Manage your project through project management module built in the yCloudx system. Easily assign, view, upload documents and monitor the project

  • View all the project information such as delivery time and uploaded documents
  • Invite other users and set their accessibility to manage the project together
  • Share link to the external user to download and view the require documents
  • Create boards and cards to record every details of the relevant data such as SOP, SLA, manuals, work programme, presentation slides, work method statements, risk assessment etc.

Life is Simpler With yCloudx

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