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Advantages of a Mobile CMMS

Going Mobile with Maintenance Solutions

Before the rise of cloud – based CMMS technology, companies have to invest in an on-premise software that comes together with its own hardware, i.e computers and servers. The drawbacks of deploying CMMS in this traditional way is the higher costs, complex implementation and have to constantly maintain and backup the software and hardware. As well, it can cause a consistent delay between work being executed on site and recorded in the CMMS.


Besides allowing technicians to do their job seamlessly, what are the advantages of a mobile CMMS?

1. It creates more reliable data

Technicians no longer have to rely on notes or memories to record data on the work done. With mobile CMMS, human error can be avoided and information is accurate and timely recorded.

2. Asset information is easy to access

At any site, with the numbers of assets ranges from hundreds to thousands, it is impossible to identify manually when a piece of equipment was last serviced or if it has any defects. A lot of time is wasted trying to track down the information needed and using mobile CMMS, asset information is easier to find as a quick barcode scan, saving plenty of time and reduce asset downtime.

3. Scheduling work accordingly

When technicians have immediate and up-to-date information in the palm of their hands, prioritizing the workday’s tasks becomes much easier. This, in turn, makes it easier for management to see how a breakdown might affect the work in the queue and adjust upcoming work requests accordingly.

4. Work can be tracked more easily

Technicians are able to complete and execute the work much more efficiently as they can update and track their work status and see which tasks they have coming up. Management can accurately view who’s working on what.

5. Inventory and spare parts are tracked more accurately

It is critical for number of spare parts consumed to be constantly updated as if they are not recorded in a timely manner, it leads to inaccurate inventory levels. This can cause confusion if a critical part is not available during a breakdown or major repair. Mobile CMMS are able to record parts consumed in a fast and efficient manner ensuring that inventory levels are always up-to-date.

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