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Maintenance professionals across the globe have a very real challenge: outdated, difficult-to-use and expensive maintenance software. Even though CMMS systems have been around for decades, we found that no one had yet created software maintenance that professionals would fall in love with.

yCloudx is here to create a CMMS that customers would not just tolerate, but fall in love with. 

At the core of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) are maintenance repair and operations, spares and inventory management. This includes all phases of the asset lifecycle, including design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and replacement of the asset.

Add to that, yCloudx also integrates with essential features of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to manage business processes and Internet of Things (IoT) to empower smart device applications. 

Closely monitored, developed and maintained by experts from Lestari Global Sdn Bhd (LGSB), our team regularly add new updates into the system every day and commits to provide our customers with the support they need to get an efficient platform up and running in support of their end-to-end asset management processes. We help our clients to stay competitive by defining the implementation scope based on their capabilities and business requirements to deliver a total solution.


yCloudx is all your company needs to operate efficiently. A combination of CMMS, ERP, and IoT software which packed with great features and beautiful interfaces.

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Filled with numerous of useful features and convenient makes yCloudx to be the number one choice for everyone.

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