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yCloudx is a premium SaaS application mainly focused on important features from Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Internet of Things (IoT). Suitable to be used by any type of company or organization thanks to its extensive features which can be easily customized and operate. 

Back in the day, the system name was Online Management System (OMS). The application is fully developed by practitioners in Malaysia that have more than 15 years of experience in building, facility and exhibit maintenance combined with broad information technology knowledge.

Closely monitored, developed and maintained by experts from Lestari Global Sdn Bhd (LGSB), Malaysia and till today, our team regularly adding brand new features into the system every single day to reach the vision to make yCloudx to be the number one on-demand software in the market.


yCloudx is all your company needs to operate efficiently. A combination of CMMS, ERP, and IoT software which packed with great features and beautiful interfaces.


Filled with numerous of useful features and convenient makes yCloudx to be the number one choice for everyone.


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