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CMMS Features That Are Often Unutilized

Many organizations take advantage of the vast work order management opportunities included in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). However, there are many other useful CMMS features available that companies fail to utilize. 

There is no denying the immense capabilities of the work order management within the CMMS software.  It is the top feature that most companies look for in maintenance management solutions that streamlines work orders from beginning to the end by creating, scheduling, assigning and closing work orders and other tasks.

There are features within a CMMS software that go overlooked. These powerful capabilities such as downtime tracking, real – time performance dashboards, standardized reporting, manpower, planning and equipment tracking can achieve total productive maintenance for many organizations and reveal new opportunities to improve machine up – time and overall equipment effectiveness.

Here are three of the most helpful yet underutilized features available in most CMMS:

1. Mobile CMMS

With technicians frequently on the move, it’s imperative to provide staff with a means of instantly accessing up-to-date maintenance information. Mobile CMMS does just that and it is essentially a scaled-down version of CMMS software that’s accessible from a smartphone or other handheld device.

Maintenance staff can complete a number of tasks on the go, completing and closing out work orders, creating work requests as problems arise and adjusting inventory in real-time. The ability to scan barcodes and QR codes with a smartphone is especially convenient, allowing personnel to retrieve a wealth of information on assets and to perform data entry more accurately in a matter of seconds.

2. Reports and Graphs

This is spot-on for maintenance managers to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that is critical in their job role. Common maintenance KPIs include the number of daily completed work orders, mean time between breakdowns and many others.

Measuring KPIs and analyzing results help management identify deficiencies and continually improve operations. A CMMS reporting and graphs function provides an easy way to organize and display accurate data related to KPIs. Users can create reports from standard templates, or customize their own depending on which CMMS solution they’ve deployed.

3. Maintenance Dashboards

Maintenance dashboards enable management to track critical KPIs in real-time from a single screen. Dashboard features within maintenance management software systems display KPIs in the form of charts and graphs. With the ability to measure progress throughout the day, management can easily spot trends and identify weaknesses that enhanced decision-making process to continually improving.

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