A Complete Software which combines the best Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) System, and Internet of Things (IoT) features on the market.

What is yCloudx all about?

yCloudx is a cloud-based software which is prevalent for company to manage their operations easily. Favorable to be used by all types of companies especially for the companies in the maintenance management business field.

The system is centrally hosted which contains essential features of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) equipped with some useful Enterprise Planning Resources (ERP) system and Internet of Things (IoT) functions.

yCloudx is a complete business solution built for companies to take full advantages of using digital technologies to manage their data effortlessly which leads to increase companies efficiency at the very best.

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system. It is a software that stores database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. The integration areas such as human resources, planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, and finance.

Physical devices that connect with the internet to interact and can be remotely monitored or controlled.

yCloudx Solution


There are some companies manage their operations traditionally by using paper and pen to store the records which is painful and bothersome to handle once the records is too much.

Others may been using software or program to manage their operations, but how efficient is their program? Usually, it is a complicated and a non-user friendly software.

The most powerful tool to manage & improve asset and employee achievements

Rewaring the top employees and detecting assets problem is hard, if you are doing it manually. Get it fully automated with our SaaS application.

Our Full-Package features

  • Instant system notification
  • Attachable Digital Signature
  • Attachable images and files
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Import / Export data as PDF and Excel
  • QR code generated for each data
  • Fit to purpose and more customization
  • Easy to use and free support


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No you Can't, Unless You Try

"You will never know the true potential of a software till you try"
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Ease to use







. Features

Mobile and desktop

User-friendly to use in mobile and desktop. It is responsive on both devices.

Accurate and well timed

Stored thousands of real-life work order records with exact time and description.

Always up-to-Date

Automatically upgrades the software with new features from time to time.

Quick implementation

No PC setup or installer is required. The system will be set up online.

Data Analytics

The data can be viewed as charts and diagram for analysis and easy monitoring

High security and speed

Protected by SSL. Built with systematic programming to ensure strong security.



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