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What is yCloudx ?

yCloudx is a cloud-based maintenance management (CMMS) system that enables you to control all of your operations, collaborate with a team, communicate with end users, and effectively utilize your resources. This software CMMS is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Our CMMS system can help you to extend the life of equipment or assets and increase the productivity of the maintenance teams through the optimization of the maintenance process. The records of the assets are kept organized and centralized, thus simplifying the maintenance management. This also ensures that the scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities are recorded systematically.

Industry Application of Our CMMS System Malaysia

Our CMMS system Malaysia is widely used in many industries, including government, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, power plants, and many more.

Our yCloudx software CMMS can be implemented through cloud-based subscription services. This CMMS solution can help with asset tracking, complaint management, preventative maintenance, and task requests. Many companies in Malaysia opt for us as their vendor for the CMMS system software because we are able to provide after-sales service and maintenance to ensure smooth operations.

Why Choose yCloudx CMMS Malaysia?

Our CMMS software can assist your company in many ways:

Cost Reductions

With our software CMMS preventive maintenance feature, it allows the scheduling of regular maintenance tasks to maintain equipment in good condition, thus avoiding costly breakdowns and increasing overall equipment uptime.

Inventory & Asset Management

Our CMMS system software can enhance the way your company manages inventory and assets.

The use of the inventory management feature allows your company to manage and monitor the inventory levels of consumables and spare parts to prevent stockouts and overstocking issues.

Our yCloudx system’s asset management feature allows you to track and manage information to assist you in making informed decisions on when to replace or repair equipment. Some of the useful information include the equipment maintenance history, warranty information, location, and manufacturer.

Workflow Improvements

yCloudx CMMS system Malaysia can improve the workflow of your maintenance operations by automating processes and tasks. For example, with the work order management feature, you can create, plan, and monitor work orders for maintenance tasks, thereby ensuring timely completion with minimal delays.

Tracking and Reporting

The reporting feature on our yCkoudx software allows you to identify areas where maintenance operations can be simplified to improve efficiency. An example is identifying equipment that frequently requires repairs to help schedule maintenance.

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yCloudx helps to:

  1. Cost Reductions 
  2. Inventory & Asset Management
  3. Workflow Improvements
  4. Tracking & Reporting
yCloudx offers 3 main solutions:

CMMS drives down the cost of maintenance, increase asset/equipment life and efficiency, reduce asset downtime and increase productivity for your maintenance teams

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps organizations manages and integrates the important parts of its business in the areas of human resources, planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, and finance.

IoT improve tracking of assets (equipment, machinery, tools) by using sensors and connectivity, which helps organizations benefit from real-time insights that could more easily locate issues in the assets and run preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization.

yCloudx Solution


Are you tired of managing your records & operations by relying on pen and papers?


The software you are using looks like it is stuck in the 1990s? 

We are more than a software

We know the ins and outs of facilities maintenance and having expert engineers at our disposal means we are able to provide services that help your organization adopt, integrate and optimize our facility maintenance management software.


Our Full-Package features


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What is the meaning behind the yCloudx name?

Your Cloud Experience

yCloudx is a fusion of 'Your,' emphasizing personalization and tailored solutions, 'Cloud' signifying cloud-based technology for accessibility, and 'Experience' or 'Expansion,' offering a user-centric experience and room for growth and extensibility.

Personalized to the unique needs of your organization


Access your data securely anywhere and anytime


Experience a smooth, user-friendly, and expert-level

. Features

User Centric

User-friendly to use in mobile and desktop in term of UI and UX.

Data Integrity

Stored thousands of real-life work order records with exact time and description.


Automatically upgrades the software with new features from time to time.


Cloud Solution

Accessible anywhere and anytime with smart devices and internet connection.

Data Analytics

Able to display data in charts and diagrams together with essential metrics.

Data Protection

Regular backup and logs with SSL protection to ensure data privacy.

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